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Crystal W.


Marjey M.


Crystal W.


"Jason is one of the most knowledgeable and professional trainers I have ever had the pleasure of working with! I came to Jason at 260lbs and within 3 months time I was at 185lbs. My body fat dropped and my muscle mass increased dramatically!


I worked out with Jason, I followed his instructions for nutrition and not only did I commit to do what he advised me to do, but he also committed himself to helping me reach my goal in a safe way. I have significant knee and back problems, but immediately after having knee surgery (the very same afternoon) I came straight to the gym ready to work out with Jason because I knew he could help my recovery. I didn't want to miss 1 session with him. Jason did all of my physical therapy for my knee and helped me relieve my back issues through knowledge and exercise. I took self-defense with Jason and became self-sufficient - not to mention CONFIDENT. I came from an abusive relationship and had very low self-esteem, after 1 month of working with Jason I could feel a difference in my body, my mind and my soul. I believe in Jason, I believe in his methods and I believe he can help ANYONE who wants to help themselves!"


                 Crystal W.



Since this testimonial, Crystal had stopped training, gained weight, and then started training again.  Since she started training again, not only has she lost more weight than what she had before, but she is now an IRONMAN!  Congrats Crystal!



"I have been working with Jason as my personal trainer for about two years.  Before that I had slowly crept up pound by pound to the point where I had to buy size 12 slacks for work.  With both kids off to college, I had more time to focus on getting myself back in shape and was determined to get back down to a size 8.  Jason had a different goal in mind and motivated me with the slogan “sexy in sixes”.  I thought he was crazy and told him there was no way I would ever fit into a size 6 again.  I’m glad to say I was wrong and Jason was right!  Along with shedding excess pounds and inches, I am stronger than I’ve ever been in my life.

When I first started working with Jason, he announced that I would be doing push-ups.  I expected them to be “girl” push-ups on my knees, but no, we would be doing “real” ones.  At first I could barely do three and now I am up to 60 in one session!  Although I can certainly feel the positive changes resulting from my workouts, it’s even better when I get compliments from others that not seen me in a while.  Jason has the skills and the ability to help anyone that is willing to put in the necessary effort.  My latest motto is “fabulous in fours”!"


                                         Lynne P.


I wanted to brag on the success of my recent partial knee replacement surgery, thanks to Dr. Eugene Lou and personal trainer Jason Gonzales. Thanks to their expertise, I was cycling, walking several miles a day, doing stairs and even gardening within 2 weeks of surgery. Jason has worked with me for almost a decade, and he understood exactly what I needed to do to build up the right leg and core muscles to ensure a quick recovery. He works with both young and old, “damaged” (like me) and healthy.


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